Welcome To 1614 Fitness & Aerobics

1614 Fitness is making exciting improvements to our club that we expect will greatly improve our ability to serve you.

Listed below are our upgrades:

– We will be installing high definition digital cameras inside and outside the club to increase club security. These cameras will be in addition to the camera system currently used by the property owner.

– 1614 Fitness will now offer an upgraded membership to include 1614 Fitness 24/7 access. A security system will be installed to enable 1614 Clients to enter the club 24 hours a day. Details coming soon on how to upgrade your account.

– We are changing supplement vendors and will be installing new refrigerators and vending machines as well as purchasing new stock.

– The tanning beds will be removed and the space will be opened for additional client training.

– New, innovative cardiovascular equipment will also be purchased to allow for alternate training options.

– We are creating a new training camp designed for civilians who are preparing to enter a branch of public service such as Firefighters, Paramedics and Police.

– A professional cleaning company has been hired to clean locker rooms.

Thank you,
Mike Womer

What makes a workout enjoyable?

It’s up to you to decide. 1614 Fitness and Aerobics offers the widest variety of cardio and weight training in Bear, allowing all of our members to create their own individual workout programs.

If you are tired of the same out-dated machines at other gyms, come visit us and see how our options can help you maximize your workout.

1614 Fitness and Aerobics values all of our members, whether they are professional athletes or novices just learning the ropes. We offer a variety of weights, machines, and classes to meet the needs of each one of our members.